She Had Blue Skin

blue skin

This poem is the epitome of young life.

From the time we hit twelve all the way into our forties, we’re unsatisfied with ourselves. We always look at those around us and wish we were more like them. We spend hundreds of dollars on makeup each year to look more “beautiful”. We spend hours of our time bashing other women (or men) whom we think are more attractive than we are. We spend countless amounts of energy thinking of how we can change ourselves to be more “perfect.”

But in reality, what’s wrong with who we are?

Are the images we view ourselves as really so ugly that we have to spend every waking moment wondering why we can’t be prettier, or skinnier, or more outgoing?

We all have flaws, and that’s ok; good actually. But when it gets to the point that we can’t find anything to love about ourselves, there’s a problem. For you women reading this, I bet you wonder why you can’t be as pretty as someone else you know. Have you ever considered that they might be thinking the same thing when they look at you? We underestimate ourselves. We think that in order to be beautiful we have to be perfect. And this can sometimes be true, but it all really depends on the eye of the beholder.

We all evaluate ourselves based on one and only one ground for comparison: society.

Society thinks that women need to be skinny (like 110 pounds skinny) in order to be sexy, but in truth women were made to have curves. When Marilyn Monroe was the reigning queen of pop culture, she was considered the most important sex symbol out there; she still is. And was she skinny? No, she had (and flaunted) beautiful curves and chubbiness that woman now would probably detest about themselves. Society also thinks that women need to wear makeup in order to look beautiful. I’m not saying wearing makeup is wrong, I wear it myself, but sometimes it gets to the point where a woman can’t even step out of her bedroom without makeup or she gets embarrassed. And when you put on foundation and mascara and eyeliner what do you say? That you’re getting “made up”; in other words you’re making yourself fake. Makeup, and all the other things society tells us we need in order to be perfect, makes you someone you aren’t.

We need to learn to be ourselves. Not that girl down the street, not the girl in your class, not the girl on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine.

This is where Shel Sivlerstein’s amazing poem comes in (he’s one of my absolute favorite poets):

“She had blue skin // And so did he // He kept it hid // And so did she // They searched for blue // Their whole life through // Then passed right by // And never knew.”

I find this poem so incredibly powerful.

He’s saying that you cannot, I repeat cannot, hide your so-called “imperfections” because those are what make you who you are. Not that girl down the street, not the girl in your class, not the girl on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine.


And this also relates to not only skin-deep beauty, but the stuff beneath that skin; the stuff that makes up who you really are. Whether you’re a Christian living in a highly liberal community, a quiet person living in a society of extraverts, or someone who just can’t stop chewing their nails (Ha! I’m all about that life), you can’t be ashamed of these things. The people who love you absolutely adore those things about you.

They don’t want you to change yourself to fit society’s standards; why should you want to change yourself?

Those things you define yourself as, a Christian or an introvert or a nail-biter, they’re important to you. It doesn’t matter what other people think about you; you have to live how you feel like you should live, do the things you think are important for you to do, look the way you want to look.

And for you blue-skinned people out there… take off that mask.


Grub + Bliss = My Passions

Salut et bienvenue à Grub + Bliss!

Don’t worry; I’m mainly an English speaker here. So what I mean to say is…

Hello and welcome to Grub + Bliss!

I found this super lovely definition of grub on Urban Dictionary:

1) n. Synonym for food.

Ex. You hungry? Let’s get some grub.

2) adj. descriptor for delightfully tasty food

                    Ex. This pizza is f***in’ grub, dude.

And a definition of bliss:

A state of complete, and utter happiness; often seen as Heaven-like.

Ex. Her state of bliss was enough to keep her smiling through her lifetime.

So, in keeping with these definitions… I want this blog to be a place where I can share about “grub” AKA food, including both eating healthy and eating locally; I also will talk about the things that make me, and many others out there, “blissful” including my major loves of writing, the cinema, and travel.

Even though I’m still “just” a teenager, I’ve learned that cooking and baking makes tons of sense to me. It involves math and proportions, reasoning, and nutrition facts; but it also takes passion and love. Food unlocks the entryway to amazing, unique cultures and, I believe, helps us all understand each other in a multitude of ways. I don’t have much experience with cooking, but hopefully with this blog and the help of all of you, I will gain lots of knowledge (and find my serious passions) in the world of cuisine.

One really important food-related topic for me is making healthy choices. I have close relationships with a few people who struggle with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and my younger cousin has had major problems with anorexia taking ahold of her mind. Not only them, but I (and many other people) am also at fault of eating too much processed food and sugar. With this blog, I hope to educate myself and others about nutrition and how to eat healthy. Just a few small decisions every day about what you eat can make a huge difference in health and happiness.

Along with delicious (and good-for-you!) food and recipes, I’ll also talk about three other things that I already have passions for and hope to explore further: writing (and reading and poetry and books), the cinema (I absolutely love old international films), and travel (which I haven’t done much of, but hope to in the coming years). Really, if something makes me happy it will be talked about here.


“Stop looking for reasons you are not happy. Focus on the things you do have, and the reasons you should be happy.” I absolutely love this quote and it really speaks to what this blog really is about: happiness, finding joy in the small things of life, experiencing bliss from the things you already have (and might take for granted) not in the things you think you do.

So this is my journey to discover my own unique passions and I want you to come with me. I’ll talk about amazing food and recipes, writing and poetry, travel, and all those other things that come along with being happy and squeezing every drop out of life. I also hope to help each of you discover your own joys of living, and find what makes you feel utterly blissful. Together we can get the absolute most out of these short lives we live (I’m already starting to discover how fast time goes…).

This blog, “Grub + Bliss” will show you just a bit of my world and hopefully will inspire you to indulge in your own wonderful life (:

Merci beaucoup et j’espère que vous reviendrez!

(Thank you and I hope you come again!)